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WELCOME Landi's Lather where we love your skin just as much as you do. And we prove it with the ingredients used to whip up our products. From curiosity to happiness in just a few clicks of a button. Come now... explore body butters, hand sanitizer and more with us!



What They Say

Curious to know what we’re really capable of? Take a look at what our customers have to say about Landi’s Lather. We love getting feedback to keep improving, and invite you to check some of our reviews below.

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Mani Pedi

Whole Body Butter!

Being a diabetic you find it hard to find something that will keep your feet moisturized. I've purchased products made specifically for a person with diabetes. Those products were soothing and cool when applied, but, the smell was over powering. I would have dealt with the smell but to end up back at square one, all I can say is “wasted money”. I heard about Landi's body butter, turns out to be a pretty good product for my dry feet and it easy on the pocket. I'm beginning to see some results that I approve of. It has all natural ingredients, and I'm able to purchase one product for my entire body! Doesn't get any better than that!


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