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Lemon Pop! Exfoliating Soap

It's new and its popping! Literally. Our new invigorating, exfoliating bar soap will leave your nostrils trilling with joy. Made with a nourishing blend of essential oils and Lemon and Champagne fragrances, Poppy seeds and a splash of Activated Charcoal, this soap leaves little to be desired. I think it's safe to you say you will be just as happy as your skin. Order now!

Rozen Blush HS
Warm Almond BB


Refreshing Exfoliant

Who says you can't treat yourself to body butter and an exfoliating natural products?! It's true that when you exfoliate, you remove dead skin and precious oils that protect your skin. It's also true that our butters replace some of those precious oils with minerals and vitamins from our blends. Revitalize your feet with a spearmint scrub today! Shop our bodycare line.


Top Seller!!

Can you say wildly soft and mildly sweet?! There is nothing classier than the scent of roses delicately balanced with bergamot essential oil and honey. This fragrance will make you close your eyes and envision fields of elegant roses... without the thorns. Awaken your senses and please your pores today!


Custom Scents

Warm Almond Whipped Body Butter is one of many custom scents that you must try. Like other bodycare products we offer, it melts into your skin, flaunting beautiful aromas of almonds and warm butter without leaving a greasy residue. Be careful not to nibble on yourself. Walk with confidence, command attention!