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Scrubble-dub-dub away with this pre-shower butter scrub. These scrubs are to be applied and worked into the area before hopping into the bath or shower so you can wash away the gently exfoliated skin. We use pink Himalayan salt, which offers health benefits for all but especially for diabetics, or those who are sensitive to epsom salt. Then we follow up with an infusion of your desired essential oil, leaving your skin supple and nourished. Get yours today!

Butter Scrubs

PriceFrom $1.00
  • Do a patch test in an small area before using the product in case you have any sensitivities to the ingredients. Take caution when using on areas such as your face.

    Products are made by hand and we do our best to maintain 100% consistency between batches.

    We also strive to combat melting during transit in warm weather conditions by shipping butter products with cooling packs. Despite these efforts, butters may melt - DO NOT THROW AWAY. They are still good and will stiffen once they cool.

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